How does the application process work?

After you have completed the application, you will be assigned the next number under the unit type you selected. When we get closer to the assigned number, you will be sent a letter asking you to come in and update your application*. In the letter we will ask you to bring in supporting documentation to clarify who you are and your current financial situation. A credit and criminal check will be performed to see if you qualify to move into the community. When all the criteria have been met, you will be asked to appear before the Board of Trustees at their monthly meeting where your application for housing will be approved. Your number will then be posted on our bulletin board and you will wait for the next available unit to be offered to you.

*Note: If you move or change your phone number please be sure to notify the office. If we send you a letter and don’t hear from you, the application will be cancelled.

What is the quickest way to get a unit?

The community works on a priority system. (ie. sons/daughters; parents; brothers/sisters; grandchildren and aunts/uncles/nieces & nephews of current members). You will be classified as a non-priority. As a non-priority, the fastest moving unit is a bachelor, which is equivalent to a studio apartment (app. 415 sq. ft.). Occupancy: 2 adults, 1 child or I adult, 2 children.

How long will it take to get a unit?

Currently, it takes approximately 3-4 years to be called for a bachelor unit.

What other types of housing besides bachelor units are available?

1 Bedroom; 2 Bedrooms on I floor; 2 Bedrooms on two floors; 3 Bedrooms on two floors; single unit.

What if I apply for a larger unit other then a bachelor?

Because we work on a priority system, the larger the unit the longer it will take to be housed.

Is the community subsidized housing?

No, we are a private non-profit corporation. The people living in the community are members of the corporation, not tenants.

What happens when you offer me a unit?

We will call you and send you a letter providing the unit address and current occupant’s phone number to contact to see the unit. You will have five (5) days from the date on the letter to decide if you want to accept the unit.

What happens if I refuse the unit offered to me?

You cannot reapply for One (1) year from the date of refusal. Should you wish to apply again after the waiting period, a $50.00 Reapplication Fee will apply.

How much money will I need if I accept the unit?

Upon acceptance of the unit there is a one-time membership fee of $100.00, an advanced monthly payment (currently between $650.00 & 700.00 depending on the unit) & a $3,750.00 Equity Down-Payment.

What is Equity?

Equity is the Corporation term for security to become a member of the corporation. The total equity charged to each new incoming member is $7,500.00. Upon acceptance of the unit, the first $3,750.00 down-payment must be made. The remaining $3,750.00 is paid off in $200.00 increments in addition to the member’s monthly payment until the total $7,500.00 is paid in full.

Are my utilities included in the monthly charge?

The corporation pays for all members’ water consumption. The member is responsible for gas, electric and personal liability insurance of not less than $300,000 coverage for their unit.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, but only two pets per unit. If more than two, you will be in violation of the Corporation Rules and Regulations. All animals must be registered with the Township.